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Set-up your appointment with one of our health care providers.

Your medication will be shipped directly to your home within 24 hours of approval.

Follow up with our health care providers to monitor your progress!

Option 1

$374.25 Per Month

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Regular Price $499 per month
with a minimum 3 commitment

Most patients report feeling great while getting the benefits of this innovative medication.

• Monthly appointments with the prescribing doctor
• Refrigerated medication express shipped in pre-filled syringes every month
• Pay monthly when your order ships.

* HSA/FSA Eligible 


12 weeks! 

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Regular Price $1,500
After your initial consultation, you can commit to your weight loss goals for 15 weeks and purchase medication in advance. Once approved by our doctor, we will send you a vial of our compounded solution containing a 15 week supply. 

• ​ Refrigerated medication express shipped in 10ml vial with supplies
• On-demand Physician support ($50/ per visit)
• One time payment 

* HSA/FSA Eligible 

Don't wait, book your physician visit now and let us help you on your weight loss journey. We're here to support you every step of the way!